Hey! It’s almost Christmas and in the Northern Hemisphere it’s Winter – the time of year when the typical deck literally gets left out in the cold!

Well think again – there’s plenty of opportunity to get outside and still enjoy any area of decking.

If it’s gone a bit green with algae or is permanently damp consider applying a ‘green-away’ solution to cut through that slippy, unappealing muck.

Invest in a power washer – as well as making a good job of cleaning the car, those cold weekend mornings are ideal for cleaning up your deck and surrounding paths, wall and fences.

Get the BBQ back out!

Folks from the US and Canada having been barbecuing Christmas and Thanks Giving Turkey’s for years and if you’ve got a fancy gas BBQ laying dormant then give it a go.

Great decking ideas and designs need not be costly. For a few hundred pounds for a simple deck, any prospective house buyer will see a neat and tidy space. The alternative view if you do nothing may be an untidy, hard to maintain and wasteful garden. This will turn-off any buyer. Beautiful decking ideas We aim to provide some interesting hints and tips to on decking ideas to assist you in ending up with useful and beautiful deck to enhance your home and garden.

Some great ones include creating it directly outside your home or in your garden which has so many advantages – it creates additional living space and the illusion of value which far exceeds what it costs to install.

A deck design does not need to be difficult or overly expensive to install.  It is quite easy to lay down on a DIY basis or there are many experienced tradespeople that can do an excellent, professional job.

Points to consider when selecting these decking ideas

  • The size of the decking
  • What type of design you like
  • The materials used
  • Are you building it yourself or engaging a contractor
  • Your budget

Decking ideas for your style

There are many styles of decking available – from traditional country cottage looks right through to an ultra-modern chic style suitable for a architect designed bespoke property.

More and more people are using some contemporary decking ideas to modernise their properties – they are some amazing designs available from some very well know architectural landscapers.

We’ve recently seen some truly inspiring contemporary decking ideas in a recent new-build development – photos coming soon!

Please also contact us if you’ve any photos of your own deck – if they’re suitable, we’d love to show them here.

We hope to include a large number of resources to help you to discover clever ideas: from materials (such as deck screws) through to discovering new technologies like Composite Decks.

There is a common question to be asked of whether to go for a solid hardwood deck or compromise (in terms of cost) for softwood timber deck.  Hardwood certainly looks beautiful but it costs.

For more cost effective but still quality ideas check out our cheap decking page for some tips on building budget garden deck that still delivers.

Building Control Regulations and Planning Permission

Please remember when thinking about building a deck in the UK to consider both planning permission and building regs.

The planning permission has mostly to do with the area your deck is going to take up of your garden and also if it will affect the amenity value of your neighbor’s property – i.e is it going to overlook and wreck their privacy.

Building control regulations relate more to keeping you safe – if your decking is raised (and it doesn’t need to be that high for this to take effect), you’ll need barriers to prevent falls and to be certain that the deck is structurally sound.

Check out both of these. You do not want to build a deck and then have to take it back down. And you don’t want to market your house and the buyers requesting building control sign off documentation that you haven’t got!

The Timber Decking Association has a good guide on this here.

As a warning here, a Guernsey Hotel has just had to spend an extra £5000 to make alterations to decking that was just a few inches too high!

See the report here.

New to the site

decking lighting ideas

Decking Lighting Ideas

We’ve added some information on decking lights - this is really worth doing as it adds a great feature and talking point to your decking and the cost compared to the effect created is minimal – it also draws the house and the garden together.

They add a polish and a finish to a deck and are definitely required in the United Kingdom with it’s dark and long winter nights – they extend the usefulness by hours into the evening.

Thanks for looking at Decking Ideas!

By Alec Byrne.

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